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On-board Amenities

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On-Board Amenities

Each of our Mercedes Benz Sprinters comes equipped with an abundance of amenities for a lavish experience beyond what one could imagine. High Roller Express™ provides those amenities in an all-inclusive journey to and from Las Vegas. These amenities include:

In-Service Concierge

With High Roller Express™, we want your experience to be so memorable that it will be something you’ll still be talking about weeks and months later. For our innovative onboard concierge service,  we have included an additional page that describes what this amenity provides.

Food & Drinks

We know a four-hour drive makes for a long journey if you’re hungry or thirsty. At High Roller Express™, our clients won’t have that problem. We ensure there are plenty of food and drinks throughout their journey — all complimentary of High Roller Express™. We've dedicated a full page to this amenity as well!

Wi-Fi Onboard

With High Roller Express™, you don’t have to worry about cell towers, dead spots, or the extremely slow service from the air because we have our own wi-fi router on board. If you have to answer that all-important e-mail or work from the cloud, our free wi-fi service will ensure you are up and running quickly and, most importantly, efficiently. In addition, if you need to make that private phone call, our concierge can step out of their area so you can have the privacy you need.

Apple TV

Worrying about missing that game? Don’t be. With High Roller Express™, we have a 42-inch and a 28-inch TV that can be listened to using our comfortable headsets so you don’t disturb the clients around you.

DVD/CD Player/Sirius XM Radio

Want to sit back and listen to some oldies but goodies? Catch the latest headlines? Or maybe you want to listen to your favorite comedian? With Sirius XM, you will have a variety of options to choose from. Or the concierge can put on a DVD from our collection and you can sit back and enjoy. With our wireless headsets, the experience is comfortable and non-intrusive.

Work Stations

For our business clients that don’t have any time to waste and still need to get some work done, our seats are equipped with a tray table featuring plenty of room for a laptop or other electronic devices that may require additional space. We also have plenty of electrical sockets to keep all your electronics fully charged upon arriving in Las Vegas.

Onboard Games & Playing Cards

Miss those good ‘ole days where you physically pulled out an actual chess set and played a game? Or miss that one-on-one competition with a game of backgammon? Forget what a deck of cards felt like? When you ride with High Roller ExpressTM, we have some traditional games to bring back that nostalgia of yesteryear while enjoying a nice glass of your favorite spirits.

Comfortable Blankets

Who needs an extra blanket? Just about everyone from time to time! Aboard our High Roller Express™ chartered sprinter, we want our clients to be as comfortable as possible. That’s why we have our very own Mink Touch Luxury Fleece Blankets that are perfect to keep you nice and warm. If you feel a little cold or just want a soft throw, our concierge will be happy to provide a clean, fresh blanket upon request.

Restroom On Board

There is no worse feeling in the world than when mother nature calls and you're stuck trying to find a public restroom, only to find it completely filthy and disgusting. With High Roller Express™, you will never have that problem. The main reason we call ourselves “Express” is because we don’t have to stop along the way from Southern California to Las Vegas to find a public restroom for our clients. High Roller Express™ is one of very few, if any, transportation services that provide a restroom on board the luxury Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

Plenty Of Storage Space

Heading to Las Vegas for a golf outing, but can’t bring the clubs unless you drive? Do you have a little trouble getting around without your mobility scooter? Or do you need to take a few extra pieces of luggage? High Roller Express™ has you covered! We have plenty of space to accommodate those golf clubs, mobility scooters, and extra pieces of luggage you will need while in Las Vegas. Rest assured that your luggage will be safe and secure in our 4x6 trailer specifically designed for carrying luggage, attached to our Mercedes Benz Sprinter.